Korea Cone Crusher Project

Comparison and analysis of Sanme SMS3000 and a European and American brand HP300 cone crusher

Cone crusher is an early crushing machine, and it is also well known for its excellent medium and fine crushing capacity on hard rock. The domestic introduction of cone crusher began in... Read more »
PP Series Portable Cone Crushers


PP series portable cone crusher adopt the professional mobile crushing technology. They can fully meet customers’ different mobile crushing requirements. Compared with the stationary crushing plant, they can greatly reduce the customers’... Read more »
SMS Series Cone Crushers


SMS series cone crusher adopt fixed main shaft design, and provide a unique combination of main shaft speed, throw and cavity, these changes have improved the capacity and product quality, and also... Read more »


SMG series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher are advanced technology of cone crusher in the world, not only provides the features of high reliability, but also with the features of high crushing efficiency,... Read more »
SMH Series Cone Crushers

SMH Series Cone Crusher

SMH series hydraulic cone crusher is a high-performance cone crusher. By optimized combination of the rotation rate, stroke and the crushing cavity, it realizes the laminated crushing and improves the yield greatly. Read more »
Cone crusher assembly

How to repair and maintain the cone crusher in use

The maintenance of cone crusher is divided into: regular maintenance, minor maintenance, intermediate maintenance and overhaul. The interval between minor repairs is generally 3-4 months, intermediate repairs are 18-24 months, and major... Read more »
Korea Cone Crusher Project

Operation and maintenance of cone crusher before and after startup

1.Prepare before driving (1) Wear work clothes, protective helmets, gloves, masks and other protective equipment.(2) Check whether the screws are loose, whether there are obstacles around the motor equipment, whether there are... Read more »

What should be paid attention to during the maintenance of cone crusher

No matter which method is used, it should be formulated in accordance with the actual production conditions of the unit. Because the maintenance cycle of the crusher is related to many factors.... Read more »

Common failures and solutions of cone crusher

Fault 1: The oil pressure in the oil pipes before and after the filter is not the same Cause of failure: clogged filterTroubleshooting methods: When the oil pressure difference exceeds 0.04MPa, the... Read more »

What are the main components of the common cone crusher

Cone crusher is mainly composed of frame, transmission shaft, eccentric sleeve, spherical bearing, crushing cone, adjustment device, adjustment sleeve, spring and cutting port. 1.Main frame assembly of crusher: The main frame of... Read more »