HC Series lmpact Crusher


MAX FEEDING SIZE:300mm-1600mm

RAW MATERIALS:limestone, construction waste

APPLICATION:Aggregates, cement and recycling industry

By many years experience, Sanme has developed the HC Series lmpact Crusher with advanced level. The crushing chamber is optimized, the rotor is designed in heavy duty, and the fixing device of blow bar is improved to provide a higher reliablity degree. Humanized design makes the maintenance more convenient.The HC Series Impact Crusher can be used in primary, secondary and tertiary crushing stages.


Optimized crushing chamber, higher capacity

The crushing chamber of HC series impact crushers is optimized, which obtains extra capacity, improves crushing reduction and lower your capital costs.

Bigger feed opening design, bigger material crushed

By optimization, HC series impact crushers use enlarged feed opening design, which can crush bigger material. When crushing medium hard material eg. Limestone, they can replace jaw crusher. Especially in crushing oversized concrete in the construction waste, they have more advantges.

HC/HSI Series Impact Crusher

Adding grinding cavity design (Optional), wide application

With the design of grinding cavity, HC series impact crusher achieves bigger crushing ratio, lower discharge opening and excellent product shape. More choice for customers makes more application.

Heavy rotor design and unique blow bar fixing system provide reliability

HC series impact crushers adopt heavy rotor design, which not only improves reliability, but also increases moment of inertia of rotor and capacity. The fixing of blow bar is improved to make the exchange easy and fixing reliable.

Reliable overload and tramp iron protection device

For the protection of the rotor body and blow bars, the HC series impact crushers optimize overload and tramp iron protection device. The impact aprons retract under excessive load. As soon as the load value returns to normal, the impact aprons resumes its pre-set position, and operation continues without interruption.

Easy to maintain, high reliability and safety

The hydraulic power unit is used by HC series impact crusher for easy adjustment of setting. It is convenient for checking, maintaining and changing wear parts.


HC Series Impact Crusher can crush kinds of soft and medium-hard ore, for coarse, medium and fine crushing, in primary and secondary crushing process. The series can be widely used in mining, construction, chemical, cement, metallurgical industries, etc.


Technical Data of HC Series Impact Crusher:

Model Max Feed Size(mm) Throughput(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Overall Dimension(L×W×H)(mm)
( the biggest size )
Weight(Motor not included)(t)
HC128 300 40-70 37-55 3115*1600*2932 11.8
HC139 400 50-80 55-75 3060*2048*2935 14.6
HC239 500 100-180 110-132 3095*2048*2970 14.7
HC255 500 100-290 132-160 3095*2398*2970 17.4
HC359Ⅱ 700 180-350 200-250 3415*2666*3127 22.2
HC459 750 220-450 250-315 3717*3020*3301 27
HC579 800 250-550 400-500 3552*3547*3231 36.2
HC679 1000 400-700 560-630 4019*4064*3652 53.2
HC779 1300 500-850 630-800 4785*4338*4849 79
HC798 1300 750-1100 800-1250 4825*4838*4849 90.8
HC898 1500 1000-1500 1000-1600 5382*5445*5454 112.8
HC8118 1600 1400-1900 1400-2000 5382*5945*5454 135.5
HC8138 1600 1400-2500 1600-2100 5348*6527*5454 158.8

Technical Data of HSI Series Impact Crusher:

Model Max Feed Size(mm) Throughput(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Overall Dimension(L×W×H)(mm)
( the biggest size )
Weight(Motor not included)(t)
HSI379 350 240-460 250-280 3271*3527*2730 23.23
HSI498 400 275-560 280-355 3755*3522*2833 27.2
HSI5118 450 375-825 500-710 3552*4547*2746 36.2
HSI6118 500 600-900 800-900 3733*5272*3306 56.2
HSI7138 500 875-1490 900-1250 4785*5838*4120 78

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