What should be paid attention to during the maintenance of cone crusher

No matter which method is used, it should be formulated in accordance with the actual production conditions of the unit. Because the maintenance cycle of the crusher is related to many factors. Such as crusher maintenance quality, operating rate, load, ore strength and large ore, and maintenance, etc. Therefore, the length of the crusher maintenance cycle varies from factory to factory. If the original ore is very hard and is too large, too many ores, and the load is too large, the maintenance cycle of the crusher is very short. In short, for the maintenance of the crusher, it is still necessary to combine the actual situation of the mine plant, plus the work of the staff to be responsible Complete the installation service of cone crusher.

Cone crusher assembly
Cone crusher assembly
  1. The number of parts must be counted before installation. Check and remove the damage caused by the processing surfaces and threads of each part during loading and unloading, and remove the protective coating applied to the processing surface during packaging and the dust and dirt falling on the transportation.
  2. Apply dry oil to the fixed contact surface and thin oil to the movable surface during installation.
  3. The crusher must be installed on a solid reinforced concrete foundation. The depth of the foundation can be determined by the local geological conditions.
  4. In order to avoid the accumulation of broken ore, there must be enough space under the foundation to install transportation equipment.
  5. In order not to damage the foundation, the upper part of the foundation must be covered with a protective plate, which is prepared by the user.
  6. Rack installation
    (1) Strict verticality and horizontality should be maintained when installing the frame, and the centerline of the base can be checked with a spirit level and a pendulum on the circular processing surface of the base.
    (2) After adjusting the level of the base with the adjustment wedge, tighten the anchor bolts to perform the second paddle.
    (3) After the secondary grouting layer is hardened, take out the adjustment wedge iron under the crusher base, and fill this gap with cement, and then install it according to the frame
  7. Installation of drive shaft
    (1) When installing the cone crusher drive shaft, adjust the gasket between the base and the flange of the drive shaft frame.
    (2) After the transmission shaft is installed, use the sample plate to check the dimensions related to the transmission gear.
    Note: For more maintenance and repair of cone crusher, please refer to the instruction manual of cone crusher.

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