What are the main components of the common cone crusher

Cone crusher is mainly composed of frame, transmission shaft, eccentric sleeve, spherical bearing, crushing cone, adjustment device, adjustment sleeve, spring and cutting port.

the main components of the common cone crusher
the main components of the common cone crusher

1.Main frame assembly of crusher:

The main frame of the crusher is composed of an upper frame body and a lower frame body, which are connected by a hydraulic cylinder, and have a wear-resistant lining plate and a protective cover: the upper frame body is a welded part, the upper mouth is welded with a wear-resistant copper plate, and the lower frame body is a whole Cast steel.

2.Spindle assembly:

The main shaft and the center wheel of the lower frame of the main frame are assembled with a small interference fit of the tapered surface. The main shaft has axial and radial lubricating holes.

3.Eccentric bushing assembly:

The eccentric bushing is equipped with a high-lead bronze bushing fixed by screws; the lower part is installed with large bevel gears and thrust bearings through bolts, of which the upper thrust bearing is forged steel and the lower thrust bearing is high-lead bronze; In addition, a counterweight assembly fixed with bolts is also installed on the eccentric shaft sleeve, and the inside is filled with lead and a wear-resistant protective lining is installed.

4.Moving cone assembly:

The upper part of the moving cone is bolted and fixed with a feed plate assembly, and the lower part is equipped with a spherical bearing pad, which can be matched with the spherical steel tile installed in the sleeve; the outer part of the moving cone is equipped with a moving cone lining plate made of high manganese steel, The gap between the cone and its lining board is filled with epoxy resin; the upper and lower high lead bronze bushes are installed inside the moving cone.

5.Fixed cone assembly:

The upper part of the fixed cone is equipped with a feed hopper; the inside is equipped with a high-manganese steel wear-resistant lining plate fixed with large diameter bolts, and the epoxy resin is also filled between the fixed cone and the lining plate; Trapezoidal thread.

6.Adjustment ring:

The adjusting ring is a component, which is composed of adjusting ring, clamping ring, cam follower and hydraulic motor. The clamping ring has trapezoidal thread, which can be connected with the fixed cone. To prevent the adjustment ring from rotating in the main frame.

7.Unit lubrication device:

It is composed of lubricating oil tank, motor oil pump, filtering device, cooling device and control device. For example, the cone crusher of Yantai Xinhai Mining Machine adopts two kinds of sealing methods: dry oil or water, which prevents dust and impurities from entering the human body and guarantees the cleanliness of the oil.

8.Horizontal drive shaft assembly:

A high-power main drive motor drives the small bevel gear on the horizontal shaft to drive the large bevel gear and the eccentric shaft sleeve through the V-belt transmission device: the box body of the horizontal shaft is an integral cast iron piece and is fixed to the main frame with bolts.

9.Hydraulic clamping frame and iron release device:

Through the double-acting hydraulic cylinder, the upper components of the adjusting ring are connected to the main frame of the crusher.

10. Adjustment mechanism assembly:

The pinion gear is driven by a hydraulic motor, and the pinion gear drives the large ring gear on the adjustment cap, thereby driving the fixed cone to rotate, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the gap between the fixed cone lining plate and the moving cone lining plate.

11.Hydraulic control station:

The control station includes an oil tank with an oil meter, a motor oil pump, a filtering device, an energy storage device, a control device, a pressure switch, a safety protection device, etc .; a terminal box and a button control cabinet are also installed next to the crusher.

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