How to repair and maintain the cone crusher in use

The maintenance of cone crusher is divided into: regular maintenance, minor maintenance, intermediate maintenance and overhaul. The interval between minor repairs is generally 3-4 months, intermediate repairs are 18-24 months, and major repairs are 48-120 months. Intermediate repair time is generally 3 days, overhaul will last 7-10 days.

Cone crusher assembly
Cone crusher assembly

Regular maintenance

In addition to the large, medium and small repairs, the cone crusher should be regularly repaired every 35-45 days. Its contents include:

  1. Check the spherical bearing;
  2. Check the wear of straight bushings and tapered bushings;
  3. Check and adjust the gear mesh clearance;
  4. Check the clearance of the transmission bush;
  5. Check and clean the liquid device and lubrication device;
  6. Check and clean the sealing device and dust ring;
  7. Repair or replace some small parts.

Moderate maintenance

The main contents of Moderate maintenance are:

  1. Including all minor repair items;
  2. Replace the large and small bevel gears;
  3. Replace the transmission bearing bush and spherical bearing bush;
  4. Detect the gap between the spherical bearing seat and the upper end surface of the eccentric bushing;
  5. Check or partially replace the spring and spring bolts;
  6. Check the wear of the spherical bearing seat and the machine body, the matching part of the moving cone and the main shaft, and replace it if necessary. Each of the above-mentioned intermediate repairs may not be carried out all the time. Select the test item according to the actual situation.


The main contents of the overhaul are:

  1. Including all the contents of mid-repair;
  2. Disassembly inspection, measurement, repair or replacement of all parts;
    3 Check, repair or replace the adjustment ring, support ring, spring and spring bolt;
  3. Correct the technical performance of the whole crusher. It can be technically modified according to specific conditions.
    There are two ways to formulate the maintenance cycle: one is based on how many tons of ore is crushed; the other is to determine how long the load runs.

Minor repair

The main contents of minor repairs are:

  1. Including items for regular maintenance;
  2. Check and repair or replace spherical tiles (spherical bearings)
  3. Repair or replace large and small bevel gears, transmission shafts and bushes;
  4. Repair or replace the eccentric bushing, cone bushing and straight bushing;
  5. Repair the thread of the adjusting ring and the supporting ring;
  6. Filter or replace the lubricant;

Each of the above minor repairs may not be carried out at all, depending on the actual situation.

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