Common failures and solutions of cone crusher

Fault 1: The oil pressure in the oil pipes before and after the filter is not the same

Cause of failure: clogged filter
Troubleshooting methods: When the oil pressure difference exceeds 0.04MPa, the filter must be cleaned, so that the oil does not pass through the ground filter, and then the filter is removed for cleaning, so that the oil is directly supplied to the crusher, not more than 2-3h

Fault 2: There is no oil flow in the oil flow indicator, but the oil pressure is lower than 0.5MPa

Causes of failure: 1. Low oil temperature; 2. The oil switch is not turned on well; 3. The oil pump is not easy to use;
Troubleshooting methods: 1. Oil heating; 2. Turn the switch on; 3. Stop the crusher and replace the oil pump;

Fault 3: The amount of oil returned in the oil tank is reduced, and the oil level is significantly reduced

Causes of failure: 1. Oil leakage from the bottom cover of the crusher; 2. Oil leakage from the flange of the drive bearing housing; 3. Spherical bearing seat ring blockage or excessive oil supply, oil leakage from the dustproof device
Troubleshooting methods: 1, 2 stop, find out the cause and then add oil to the tank; 3. Stop, clean the oil return ring groove, adjust the amount of oil, and add oil to the tank

Cone crusher crushed stone production line site
Cone crusher crushed stone production line site

Fault 4: The oil temperature exceeds 55 ℃, but the oil pressure does not rise

Causes of failure: There is something wrong with the eccentric bushing;
Troubleshooting method: stop and check the straight bushing and cone bushing to find out the cause of the fault and clear it

Fault 5: The oil temperature rises at the same time as the oil pressure rises

Causes of the failure: The oil pipe or the internal oil circuit of the crusher is blocked
Troubleshooting method: stop and find the blockage and clear it

Fault 6: The oil temperature from the cooler exceeds 45 ℃

Causes of failure: 1. No cooling water; 2. High temperature of cooling water; 3. Blocked cooler.
Troubleshooting method: give cooling water; check whether the water pressure is too low, and increase the pressure as much as possible, check the cooling water temperature; clean the cooler.

Trouble 7: There is water in the oil, the amount of oil in the oil tank increases

Cause: The water pressure in the cooler is higher than the oil pressure

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