Analysis of daily maintenance and maintenance measures of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is one of the common crusher equipment. Friends who use the crusher know that the production environment of the jaw crusher is outdoor and the environment is harsh. How can we prevent the jaw breaker from being adversely affected?

In the outdoor environment, it is susceptible to seasonal temperature. Overheating in summer will accelerate the consumption of wearing parts; if the winter is too cold, the broken steel will become more fragile. In addition to cold processing in summer, wear-resistant materials are wearing parts In addition, it is important to control the temperature of the parts so that they are in good lubrication. Because when the crusher runs at high speed, all the power consumed by the friction will be converted into heat, and the temperature of the parts will increase; if the lubrication works properly, the friction surface will absorb the heat and dissipate under the action of the lubricant, thereby reducing the machine The surface temperature, which reduces the maintenance rate of the jaw crusher, brings better profits.

Maintenance of jaw crusher
Jaw crusher maintenance

Jaw breaking has carried out a large number of experimental studies on the selection of hard rock fracture performance parameters in terms of the material and quality of the hammer and the installation method of the hammer, and has achieved the expected results. Because the jaw crusher has the characteristics of selective crushing, the particle size of the crushed product is cubic. Therefore, for linear screens, not only the granularity of the product is required, but also the requirements for the shape and shape of roads, high-speed railways, etc. are high.

Hard rock crushers have a wide range of uses. At present, most of the stones used on domestic highways are broken with hard jaw crushers. Some highway headquarters even decided that bidders used hard jaw crushers to crush stones. In order to avoid damage to fasteners and other components, adjust or replace the hammer when it is worn to a certain extent. When replacing the mixing tank, open the back cover, remove the cotter pin, slotted nut and bolt used to fix the countersunk hole, and then replace. The jaw crusher should check the bearing temperature in time for normal operation. If abnormal temperature occurs, there may be too much or insufficient grease, dirty grease or bearing damage; check the amount of grease or replace the grease and bearings.

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