Comparison and analysis of Sanme SMS3000 and a European and American brand HP300 cone crusher

Cone crusher is an early crushing machine, and it is also well known for its excellent medium and fine crushing capacity on hard rock. The domestic introduction of cone crusher began in the 1950s, and domestic crusher manufacturers have gone through half a century. Development has achieved a series of breakthrough achievements. Although there are still some gaps compared to foreign cone crushers, Chinese manufacturing has become a new force that cannot be ignored in the field of crushers!

Regarding mechanical equipment, the outdated notion would be that domestic equipment is generally cheap, but the quality stability of the product is poor, and the technical content of the product is relatively low. The imported equipment is probably durable and technically superior. Of course, the price is relatively high.

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In order to pursue stability, some well-known multinational companies used to exchange high-quality European and American brand equipment at the cost of high costs. However, in recent years, with the rise of the Chinese crusher brand represented by Shanmei, the pattern has slowly Start to change.

Korea Cone Crusher Project

On the left is the HP300 cone breaking of a certain European and American brand. On the right is the Sammei SMS3000 cone breaking.

The production line of a concrete company in South Korea is in need of increasing production capacity, and the old production line of the used aggregate production line has been transformed. The original production line uses a European and American brand HP300 as a second break. The production capacity has increased, and the single machine has been far from meeting production. , So decided to buy another device to add to the production line. Considering the high cost of purchasing equipment from a certain brand in Europe and America, the person in charge of procurement gradually turned his attention to Chinese brands in the process of understanding the market.

In many domestic brands of Haitao, after many field visits and comparisons, they finally chose to purchase the SMS3000 hydraulic cone crusher from Shanmei.

In June 2014, the equipment was put into production and put into production formally. Shanmei Cone Crusher and a certain European and American brand Cone Crusher went hand in hand, and jointly served as the second task in the production line.

Parameter comparison table of Sammei SMS3000 and a certain European and American brand HP300

SANME SMS3000 VS Nordberg HP300
山美SMS3000C全液压圆锥破碎机 Picture 欧美某品牌HP300
220 Motor power (kw) 250
25~235 Feeding size (mm) 13~233
6~51 Discharge port range (mm) 6~77
230t/h Actual production capacity (t/h) 240t/h Website  


After a period of trial operation, the production capacity and equipment stability of Shanmei SMS3000 are no less than that of a certain European and American brand HP300; customers are satisfied with the price-performance ratio of Shanghai Shanmei.

The production capacity of the crusher produced by Sammy is okay, and provides high-quality services, and the stability of the equipment is not inferior. When you need to transform the old line, or have a crushing need, you can consider the Chinese local brand-Shanmei.

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