Cone crusher assembly

How to repair and maintain the cone crusher in use

The maintenance of cone crusher is divided into: regular maintenance, minor maintenance, intermediate maintenance and overhaul. The interval between minor repairs is generally 3-4 months, intermediate repairs are 18-24 months, and major... Read more »

What should be paid attention to during the maintenance of cone crusher

No matter which method is used, it should be formulated in accordance with the actual production conditions of the unit. Because the maintenance cycle of the crusher is related to many factors.... Read more »

What are the main components of the common cone crusher

Cone crusher is mainly composed of frame, transmission shaft, eccentric sleeve, spherical bearing, crushing cone, adjustment device, adjustment sleeve, spring and cutting port. 1.Main frame assembly of crusher: The main frame of... Read more »

Common failure reasons and elimination methods of jaw crusher

In this article, we will introduce the common fault causes and troubleshooting methods of the jaw crusher: Fault: The flywheel rotates but the moving jaw stops swinging. Causes: 1.The thrust plate is... Read more »